New luxury and comfortable principle!

MOREROOM STONE, Which is Located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China( Capital of Ceramic/Porcelain Tile Industry). 

MOREROOM STONE'S Logo Look Like Mother and Baby( this Meaning is Creation and Innovation), The Deep Meaning that We Want To Show Our Responsibility and Commitment to Our Clients, Our Friends, Our Family and Ourselves.

MOREROOM STONE Has Been  in Laminated/ Composite Marble Industry For More Than 10 Years, With High-end Designs Team and Professional Product R&D Department.

Part One -- MOREROOM STONE Introduction

1-MOREROOM STONE Product R&D Department and Design Team 

MOREOOM STONE Product R&D Department 

Which Has Professional Experience and Rich Knowledge of Marble and Porcelain Tile. The Following is How To Guarantee the Quality of Porcelain Tile.

Onyx Porcelain Tile, Calacatta Porcelain Tile and Water Jet Porcelain Marble Tile ( Glazed, Full Body, Soft Finished, Soft Finished Full Body Porcelain Tile). 

The Most Important is MOREROOM STONE Has Been Doing Now to Offer More Creative and Beautiful Product With High Quality Product to Our Product.



From Forming this Department, MOREROOM STONE Design Team Has Been Brought Honors, Which is Also Our Best Recognition to Us. 

Project Show

2-MOREROOM STONE Sales Department

MOREROOM STONE Internation Sales Department Not Only Sales Products Just ,but Offering Guidance of Sales Skills in Local Government and Having Professional Design Team to offer the Best Choice for Clients' Home Decoration.

3- MOREROOM STONE Conference & Relaxation Room 

Part Two -- MOREROOM STONE Warehouse

In March. 2017, Moreroom Stone's Showroom Has Been Finished, Our Best Gift is the Recognition From Our Clients.

(1) Overlook of Moreroom Showroom

MOREROOM STONE Warehouse Covers About 500 Sqaure Meter, Which Has More Than 500 Items Of  Marble and Porcelain Tile for Your Reference.

Showroom Design, Product R&D Process and Production, Home Decoration, All These Are Done By MOREROOM STONE.   

High-end Design Team, Professional Product R&D Department with Professional Knowledge of Marble and Porcelain, and Construction Team with Years of Projects of Hotels, Villas,and Projects. 

Time Tries All!!!

Moreroom Stone Make a Promise to Ourselves, to Our Friends, To Our Family and To You-- Our Clients. ( Quality and Integrity is the Long Run for A Company and Also the Basic of Cooperation)

(2) Area One --- VIP Discussion Area

GOOD Situation for Communication is Very Important!!

Combining With Combines the Fact That Not Only To Negotiate with Clients Comfortably,Clients Are Also Convenient to Touch and See the Real Product.

(3) Area Two---Product Show

MOREOOM STONE Showroom is Also Called " Marble Libary", There is More Than 500 Items of Natural Marble and Porcelain Tile Look Like Marble for Our Clients' Choices. 


600x1200 Laminated Marble, Marble Porcelain Tile, Semi Precious Stone, Water Jet Marble Tile, Hot Sale CNC Marble, Marble Accessories( Marble Border, Marble Skirting), Ect.  


We Are Not the Creator of Beauty, Only the Beauty Carrier.  

With More Than 10 Years Experience of Marble and Design, MOREROOM STONE Is Willing to Show the Natural Beauty to Our Clients.


About Natural Product, The Important Thing is How to Produce and Show it to Our Clients, MOREROOM STONE, From The View of Design, Show the Unique and Charming Way to Our Clients. 


We Will Introduce How to Produce The Beautiful Thing and Also How to Show the Product in Your Home and Your Showroom.

(4) Area Three--- Product Application Effect

MOREROOM STONE Could Not Only Offer the Satifisactory Product To You, Also Could Show The Application Effect before Paving.

Two Pieces or Theer Pieces of Porcelain Marble Tile to Show The Real Paving Effct to Clients.


(5) MOREROOM Stone Onyx Look Porcelain Tile


MOREROOM STONE Onyx Porcelain Tile Series Is Also Called " One Kilogram Porcelain Tile".We All Know Inkjet Technology Porcelain Tile( Transparent Glaze + Surface Glaze + Porcelain Base).

The Middle Layer - Surface Glaze of MOREROOM STONE PORCELAIN Tile, The Weight is 1300 Gram, So We Call It  " One Kilogram Porcelain Tile".


Part Three - MOREROOM STONE Factory Show

1- Marble Factory

2- Porcelain Tile Factory 

Part Four -- Exhibitions