Best Cost of Calacatta Marble Kitchen Countertops Design

When it comes to selecting kitchen countertops, classic white marble remains the top choice for many homeowners. “It’s a natural material with great variety, depending on which species you select and how it’s cut,” says a famous architect . “It creates a really lovely natural pattern, which you...

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Details about Natural White Marble Table Top 

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Classic Italian white marbles like Calacatta and Statuario are generally excellent quality and a great kitchen idea, famous designers point out that equally high-quality marbles are available closer to home.

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Every quarry is different, but it’s possible to cut certain types of marble blocks two different ways to achieve unique veining patterns. Designers have used both cross cut and fleuri cut to create some fantastic looks. They may use vein cut on the wall and cross cut on the floor.

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Every stone slab is slightly different, so it’s ideal to select the exact pieces of stone that will be used for your countertops. There’s an art to marble—selecting the slabs and understanding where the veining is going to be located on the countertop

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The longer the piece you can get without any seams, the better effect of natural marble says Groves. “If you do have seams, it’s always nice to book-match the marble,” so adjacent pieces have a mirrored appearance.