Modern Polished Marble Kitchen Countertops Bathroom Natural Stone with Honeycomb

Marble Kitchen Countertops

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Many builders are increasingly employing lightweight marble kitchen countertops in the construction of home because of its countless benefits like fire resistance, durability, humidity resistance, extremely lightweight, anti-weather, anti-rust and often the low price.

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The grey marble was also one of the less expensive choices in stone countertops. The slab we found has plenty of veining, while the veins is bright grey— and it just glows in the kitchen.


After the stone laminated with honeycomb countertops were sealed there have been almost zero problems with staining.


If you're baking in the middle of a heat wave, you can rely on marble countertops to stay as icy as central air. The stone is also heat-resistant, making it a good option if your kitchen sees a lot of bake-offs. Despite its ability to withstand high temps, you never want to place a piping hot pot on marble