Natural Stone Laminate Marble Countertops for Kitchen Decoration Stylish Design

Italian Calacatta White Marble for Kithen Countertops

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Moreroom Stone’s laminate marble table top, composited with stone honeycomb panels, you can get the same incredible natural stone look and feel, but with much greater strength and durability, taking away both the problems of heaviness and being easily damaged.

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The whole stone industry has been going through a massive wave of technology, and it’s transforming the product. There are now more ways than ever to finish stone, including different brushing and polishing techniques.

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The most popular choices remain polished, which looks glossy, or honed, which appears matte.

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For homeowners concerned about acid etching, an interior designer recommends a honed finish. “On a polished finish, etching is going to turn it dull and be more visible,” he says. “With honed, you’re dulling an already dull finish, so it disguises it.”