Calacatta New Innovation Tile CNC Technology And Soft Semi Polished Tile Decor

- Oct 25, 2017-

Calacatta new innovation tile CNC technology and soft semi polished tile decor

calacatta wall tile.JPG

Calacatta is the popular stone material, in Europe, North America and Australia prefer to use slab make a 

house decoration and it quite expenerice for a good plate. Meanwhile, porcelain tile can copy the pattern of the 

calacatta to make the price cheaper for some commercial business project and make it become the common 

choice for house décor.

calacatta tile.JPG

Board face symmetry-wall background design

cnc calacatta tile.JPG


Calacatta CNC technology- enstable design surface

calacatta wall.JPG

Soft semi-polished calacatta tile

600 calacatta.JPG

600x600mm glazed polished finish