Hightlight Of The 30th Cerambath Fair Big Size Ceramic Tile And Porcelain Tile

- Oct 20, 2017-

 Hightlight of the 30th cerambath fair---Big size ceramic tile

Foshan ceramic bath fair is one of the biggest construction & real estate exhibition of the China, it also the feature trending of the China ceramic tile market. It will guide the global ceramic industry development and most of the big distributors, wholesalers, retailers and manufactures will come and visit China new innovation design. 

However, most of the foreign suppliers come and attend as the distributors in this cerambath fair, they show their laster design to China and have quickened the steps of seizing the Chinese market. Selling their technology might be one of their long team strategic decision.

big size tile.jpg

Spain supplier new innovation- large size 300x1800mm wooden look tile

wooden look tile.jpg


Super hug big tile for wall and floor installion- 3200x1600mm


 large size tile.jpg


Italy big size tile-2400x1200mm-huge size porcelain flooring tile

 hug tile.jpg

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