What Are The Important Characteristics Of High-quality Marble Tiles?

- Dec 12, 2017-

What are the important characteristics of high-quality marble tiles?


Marble tiles have the natural texture of the natural stone, with the superior performance of ceramic tile and green features, and loved by the owners of the public decoration. Marble tile decoration has become the mainstream of public choice. Because of its expanding market, related Marble tile products and brands are also more and more, to how to buy a bed of roses marble tile has become critical. What are the important characteristics of high-quality marble tiles?

■ True-to-nature Decor as Marble

Natural marble stone has the properties of fragile and brittle .But marble tiles is hard and wear-resistant. Marble tiles not only revived tile ,but also return to the original appearance of natural marble stone.



Marble tile products are the ultimate symbol of Seiko. Each marble tile products should have soft texture, plentiful sense of layer and smooth grain.


■ Unity of man and nature

The decorative marble tiles are extremely strong, which can perfectly set up various home application spaces and scenes. The stunning decorative effects not only give people infinite visual enjoyment, but also make a very good integration between people and the environment.


■ HD degree

Imported ink-jet printer is an important equipment for manufacturing marble tiles. High-precision ink-jet printing technology can perfectly restore the natural color of natural stone. The natural transition of color and vein on the surface of Moreroom marble porcelain demonstrates the smoothness and texture which are only belonging to natural marble.


■ Vitrified degree

Low water absorption of the tile is not easy to absorb dirt with better quality. Good marble tiles should be very low water absorption, high vitrification and brick body is strong that it's not easy to seepage. Water absorption should be less than five not easy to seepage. Water absorption should be less than five tile, if water infiltration is slow or non-absorbent, the quality of tiles is better.


■ Hardness

Hardness is one of the most important elements of marble tiles. The hardness required should equal to or greater than 6. If Paddling with blade or other hard ironwork on the

surface of marble tile without leaving scratches, that marble tile has excellent quality.


■ Marble tile application scenarios


Sofitel Gold



Turnell Grey

Golden Rose

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