Blue Agate Slab

Blue Agate Slab

Semiprecious stone backlit blue agate slab for countertops, Bartop,and Wall Design

Product Details

Semipreciou stones slab - Blue Agate Slab

Definition: Blue agate or chalcedony

Essence: Blue cryptocrystalline chalcedony mineral

Color: indigo, lake blue, sky blue, light blue, pretty color

The blue chalcedony of Taiwan in China is light in color, blue-green in color, and good in quality for jewelry.

Indonesia, Africa, and Turkey have a light blue chalcedony color. Among them, Turkish blue chalcedony has a large head and can produce large carved pieces, but its nature is unstable and it is prone to dehydration and fading.

The blue agate in northeast China's Nenjiang River has the most intense color and its nature is stable and does not fade. But usually with tangled cotton batting, or half-white, yellow crystal stone skin, less material for carved pieces