Red Agate For Wall

Red Agate For Wall

Gemstone Backlit Red Agate for Background Wall Design

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Backlit Red Agate Gemstone Slab for Wall

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Precious Stone Red Agate Slab and Tiles


Background Wall Design Red Agate Slab


Red Agate Wall Design


Trigonal system. It is often densely packed and forms a variety of structures, such as udder, grape, tuberculosis, etc., and is often concentric. Different colors, depending on the type and amount of impurities they contain, are usually banded, concentric rings, clouds, or dendritic distributions, with white, gray, brown, and red-brown being the most common, black, blue, and There are also other colors. Streaks are white or nearly white. Wax-like luster, translucent to transparent. Fractured conchoidal. Hardness 6.5-7. The proportion of 2.6-2.7.

The history of agate is very remote. About 100 million years ago, underground magma was ejected in large quantities due to changes in the earth's crust. When lava cooled, bubbles formed by steam and other gases. Bubbles are sealed when the rock freezes and many holes are formed. A long time later, the hole was immersed in a solution containing silica and condensed into silica gel. The fusible components of the iron-containing rock enter the silica gel, and finally the silica crystallizes into agate.