Backlit Blue Aventurine Slab for Bartop Design

Product Details

Aventurine, also known as "Dongling Stone", also known as "Indian Jade", is an oleo-quartzite with chromium mica. Its color is beautiful. But nowadays, people push it extensively, and all the quartzite or secondary quartz that are bright in color, dense and tough in the earth's crust are collectively called "Dongling Stone".

Gemstone Aventurine Blue Product Show:

Gemstone Backlit Blue Aventurine.jpg

Semiprecious Stone Blue Aventurine with Glass Becking to Make Its Transmission Effect Better.

Semiprecious stone # Blue Aventurine Bartop.jpg

Backlit Blue Aventurine Slab for Bartop Design

Basic Information

Name: Aventurine Blue

Size: 2440x1200mm, 600x1200mm, 800x800mm, Customized

Thickness: 5mm Blue Aventurine with 15mm or 20mm Glass