Labradorite Countertop

Labradorite Countertop

Precious Stone - Labradorite Blue

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Labradorite Blue Kichen Countertop

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Labradorite Granite Stone Slab

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Backlit Semi Precious Stone - Brazilain Labradorite Blue Stone

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Labradorite Blue Gemstone : 2440X1220mm, Thickness: 5mm Labradorite + 15mm、20mm Glass

Labradorite is more common and is used as a decorative material by people. Some of the labradorite stones are also used as gemstones. Labradorite Generally gray, brown to black, gemstones can be used as gemstones red, blue, green iridescent. Labradorite crystals can be up to 2 meters in length, and are produced in gabbro, sucrolite, basalt, and granitoid rocks.

Labradorite is an important rock-forming mineral that is widely found in a variety of medium, basic and ultrabasic rocks. Only a few of them can be used as gemstones. Since labradorites often have polycrystalline twins or have a fine alternating layer of albite formed by the dissociation of a solid solution and fine pores with parallel {010} crystal faces, the transparent or translucent species can have some specialities. Optical effect. Some have opalescence, can be polished labradorite moonstone; some with iridescent, called iridescent labradorite.