Malachite Stone For Vanity

Malachite Stone For Vanity

Precious Stone Malachite Green for Bathroom Vanity Design

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Precious Stone Malachite Green 

Precious Stone Malachite Green for Bathroom Vanity and Table Top Design

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Bathroom Countertops Gemstone Malahite Green Design  - Malachite Green Vanity with Golden Element Decoration, Beautiful and Luxury.

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Customized Malachite Green Vanity for Bathroom - Offering The Drawing and Requirements of Splicing, Thickness, and Edg for Malachite Vanity

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What is the origin of malachite? - Famous places of origin in the world include Zambia, Australia, Namibia, Russia, and Congo (Gold, United States, etc.) China is mainly produced in Yangchun, Guangdong, Huangshi, Hubei and northwestern Yunnan.

Malachite - Bulk malachite is mainly composed of dense fibrous malachite crystallites, with delicate structure and attractive silky luster.

Green Malachite - Malachite and amethyst or malachite and malachite form a dark blue or bluish green-green block, which is rare in malachite.

Malachite Cat's Eye - The malachite cat's eye is a group of fibrous malachite arranged in parallel. After special processing, a bright line appears on the arc surface, the appearance is the same as that of the cat's opal, so it is called cat's eye.

Although there are many malachite origins in the world, malachite resources are very scarce because malachite's growth environment is extremely harsh and the process is extremely long. After long-term exploitation, malachite resources are nearly depleted. This is one of the reasons for the current increase in the price of malachite, and it is also an important reason. In addition, another reason for the rising malachite prices is that the market demand for malachite is increasing rapidly, and its scarcity has caused the market to be in short supply, which inevitably pushes up malachite prices.