Malachite Table Top

Malachite Table Top

gemstone malachite green for customized table top design

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Semi Precious Stone Flower Pattern Malachite Table top for Interior Design

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Finished Product - Malachite Green Stone for Table Top - Producto terminado - Piedra verde malaquita para tablero

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How to Process Malachite Green Table Top? - Cut The Material of Malachite into Pieces, then Splicing them to produce malachite slab with different patterns - Cortar el material de Malaquita en piezas, luego empalmarlas para producir losa de malaquita con diferentes patrones

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Su interior con verde, verde oscuro, verde rosa, azul cielo y otras bandas de color alrededor del patrón elegante de radiación concéntrica, patrón y haz de radiación, sino que también refleja la magia maravillosa.

"Yangchun Malachite Green" is "City Stone" of Yangchun City in Guangdong Province. It is mainly produced in the oxidation zone of the contact zone between the granodiorite and the Paleozoic carbonate rock. The color is bright and the water is abundant. Its interior with green, dark green, pink green, sky blue and other color bands around the concentric, pattern and beam-like radiation pattern elegant style, but also reflects the wonderful magic. The reserves are the first in the country, and the scale and block are relatively large. The maximum amount of malachite found in Yangchun, Guangdong Province so far is 15 tons, which is currently the most known record of malachite."Yangchun Malachite Green" es "City Stone" de la ciudad de Yangchun en la provincia de Guangdong. Se produce principalmente en la zona de oxidación de la zona de contacto entre la granodiorita y la roca de carbonato paleozoico.