Polished Backlit Blue Lapis Lazuli Marble Tile For Wall Decoration

Lapis Lazuli Stone for Your Home Decoration

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Lapis Stone Product

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Lapis Stone Is The Short of Lapis Lazuli, Which is One Kind of Luxury Stone and is Also a Hot Sale

Semi-precious Stone. Following is Lapis Raw Material:

Lapis Stone material (1).jpg

Lapis Stone material (2).jpg

Cutting The Raw Material of Lapis Stone into Pieces, Then Put Then Together into Tile or Slab of Lapis

Why Lapis Lazuli Slab or Product Price High? Not Only the Material, But Also The Labor Cost

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Some Clients May Worry About the Packing, MOREROOM STONE Packing of 

Semiprecious Stone is Plywood Box with Foam Board and  Corner Protection to Avoid the Breakage as 


Packing Detail of Semi precious Stone.png

Application of Lapis Lazuli Stone for Wall Decoration

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Backlit Polished Lapis Wall Design 

Baclit Lapis Wall Design.JPG

MORE Design of Lapis Lazuli Stone 

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