Calacatta Porcelain Slab

Calacatta Porcelain Slab

Large Format Glazed Calacatta White Marble Look Porcelain Tile

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3200 x 1600 mm 128 in. x 64 in. - Calacatta White Marble Look Porcelain Tile


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Large Scale Size Style Selections Calacatta White Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles. 

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Slim Large Format Calacatta Marble Effect Porcelain Tile : 3000 x 1000 mm ( 120 inch. x 40 in) and 3200x1600 mm (128 inch. x 64 inch)  


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 There are difference in packing details -  because big size of tile, to reduce its breakage, Wooden Plywood case.

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