Marble Floor Design Patterns

Marble Floor Design Patterns

ML-A20S6060 - marble floor design patterns for hall

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ML-A20S6060 Marble Floor Design Patterns for Hall

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Gold Century Marble in Pattern Design Display the Connection Role with Straight Golden Line Show to Add The Honnetete in Interior Design

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Nero Maquina in ML-A20S6060 Design to Form A Circle Shape, From Affile Angle into Circle to Offer Different Visual in Paving.

ML-A20S6060 Marble Floor Product Show
Factory : Yunfu, China
Size: 24in. x 24in. / 32in. x 32in.
Type: Laminated Marble
Thickness: 3mm or 5mm Natural Marble + Glue + 9mm Porcelain Based
Advantages: Much Lighter(reducing at least  1/3), Higher Hardness than Full Body Marble Tile

(Full Budy Marble Tile At Lease 30% - 50% Breakages in Translation and Installation, Laminated Marble 0-10%, which could save the cost for clients(Tuile de marbre de corps entier au moins 30% - ruptures de 50% dans la traduction et l'installation, marbre stratifié 0-10%, qui pourraient épargner le coût pour des clients)

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ML-A20S6060 Product Pattern Combines Beige, Gold,Black Color of Marble To Produce Different Visual Feeling in Paving, That is Also The Design Magic.

Le modèle de produit de ML-A20S6060 combine beige, or, couleur noire de marbre pour produire le sentiment visuel différent dans le pavage, qui est également la magie de conception.