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                                               3D Marble Design

                                                          Related informations

Marble GradeGrade AAA
Size600x600/800x800mmcustomized deisgn acceptable
Package4pcs with corner protector

Delivery Time
10-30 days according to quantity
TechnologyWaterjet cutting

                                                      Application Project



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                                                     Pre-tiling before loading



                                                  Color different controling


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Export team take part in Local fair, Coverings in Orlando,Chigago and the expo in Italy since 2009.

We won good marketing and welcomed by clients around the world.

Your appreciation will be our motivation. 

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Composite Marble Panel VS Natural Marble

1. Composite marble panel is composited with porcelain,reduce the cost.

2.The hardness and breakig strength of composite marble panel is being improved

3.The weight is lighter than natural marble.

4. Reduces the risk of reverse osmosis.

5.The advantage of composite marble panel is high-hardness, less color difference, high glossiness,stander flatness,less cost.


Composite Marble Panel VS Artificial Stone and Ceramic Tile

1.composite marble panel has unique texture, elegance and naturalness, strong layering, qualitative feeling, strong decorative effect

2.composite marble can keep bright for a long time as long as you do the crystal face care

3. Natural marble is the mock object of artificial stone and ceramic tile, their texture is repetitive and unnatural, lack of temperament and charm of the stone, low wear resistance

4. ceramic tile can not be repaired after worn off, artificial stone normally can not be used for the floor.

                                                    Why choose us?


1.Light weight

The thinnest of composite stone is 5mm (composite with Aluminum Honeycomb Panel),and the normal product is 12mm, which could reduce the carrying load and is the best choice for that weight limit.


2.High strength

More than five times stronger than nature marble. Good bond strength which can greatly reduce wastage.


3. Improving anti-pollution ability

Nature marble is easy to beefforescence and yellow, but composite stone can avoid those conditions greatly.


4.Small color difference

Because of cutting into more thin pieces of marble, that can achieve consistency of color and pattern.


5.Convenient installation

Clean and ceramic tile maintenance and storage are similar, simple and convenient. It can be used for wall hanging, and also directly attached to walls or floor.


6.Reduce installation cost

Due to the above advantages, not only increase the installation efficiency, but also reduce installation cost.


7.Expand scope of application

High strength, different size and color which could expand its scope of application.


8.Environmental protection

Composite stone structure greatly reduces the radioactive contamination.

marble price per square meter marble tiles prices in pakistan

1. Usage: wall and floor 2. Customized design is acceptable 3. EXW price 4. Color family: Beige and golden