Porcelain Tile For Bathroom Floor

Porcelain Tile For Bathroom Floor

Modern Design Mellion Tile -- Beige Marble with Portoro Marble Floor Patterns, Matching with Silver Tones in Wall Adds Luxury Tones in Iterior Design

Product Details

Tile Medallion for Bathroom Flooring Design 

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Luxurious Bathroom Design Ideas

Portoro Marble Look Tile As Fill in Decoration with Sofitel Gold Look Tile Base - Medallion Pattern for Bathroom floor.

This Pattern Could Also The Better Choice for Hotel Hayway, Living Room Flooring, Entryway Design.

MN1080 Sofitel Gold Marble Look Glazed Porcelain Tile (1).jpg

MN1080 Sofitel Gold Marble Look Glazed Porcelain Tile for flooring.jpg

Porcelain Tile with Decorative Inlay.JPG

Same Pattern with Different Color Marble Tile Is According To Your Home Style and The Main Tone in Home Decoration. 

Waterjet Porcelain Flooring Tile (1).jpg

Waterjet Porcelain Flooring Tile (2).jpg

Simple Design Like Starry Sky - Light Color with Dark Color Decoration,  Geometrical Pattern with Two Color Decoration,Artisitic Inset Medallion Floor Tile Design

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Medallion Pattern Tile's Feedback

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Same As The Three Dimensional Product Show, So Why Not To Choose It !